GOOD AS GOLD (framed penny edition)

GOOD AS GOLD (framed penny edition)

There's a long history of gilding coins in Britain. People used to gild halfcrowns to pass them off as two guineas for instance.⁠

This new edition of partially gilded pennies features really nice examples of Victorian pennies and swashes of 23ct gold leaf. We've then hand painted 'Good As Gold' on each penny in our red and blue enamel paint. 'Good as gold' originally meant genuine, but has come to mean well-behaved over the years. But is all that glitters gold?

Whilst this is a limited edition of TEN, each penny is unique, as can be seen in the photos.

Each penny comes framed in an ornate black resin frame, hand cast by ourselves from a vintage frame, and is boxed with a certificate of authentication. The frame is approximately 11cm x 11cm and about 2.5cm deep.