About us

We are Jason and Sharon, an art duo who use signwriting and sewing techniques to explore our love of letters and slogans. We combine an irreverent attitude with a defiantly limited colour palette to produce artworks which have gathered the attention of Time Out, The Guardian & Cool Hunting, amongst others.
Trained at Technical Colleges in Graphic Design and Fashion & Textiles, we started working together as QbA in 2011.
Our #pennydrops have become a familiar sight on streets. These painted pre-decimal pennies feature alternative expansions of the QbA acronym and are left as our calling card for people to find.
We exhibit regularly and in the summer of 2017 held a three-month residency at Elements Gallery London. We have taken part in the annual Art Car Boot Fair for the past four years and have worked on various commissions and workshops.
Please drop us a line if you have a question.